This post is really just a test to make sure that I’ve set the page up correctly and that everything is working as intended. As it stands right now everything seems to be working, but you never know. I’m halfing expecting everything to break at the push of a button.

I don’t want to do too much too fast, so here’s my to-do list for this week:

1. IMAGES. I’ll put some pictures up here just to see how they’re stored in the library and so I can get used to navigating around the wordpress site.

2. AESTHETICS. I’ll try to get the site looking how I want it, change the header and background.

3. CONTENT. I’m not the most prolific writer, but I’ll want to put a few posts up. When people start coming here they’ll probably want something to read…

4. PEOPLE. Get the Juggernoughts to come and check out the blog, getting some feedback and/or assiatance. Maybe if I’m happy with everything this time next week I’ll ‘go live’ and advertise the  presence of this blog on my Facebook page etc.

Hopefully these goals are realistic, we’ll see.