Imperial Guard Company Commander
General Kurtt E.E.Merrick.
(Imperial Guard Company Commander)

This is my Company Commander model, Kurtt E.E Merrick, General of the Cadian 9th. The reality is that I’m looking to replace him with an Ursakar Creed conversion at some point in the future, but for now I’m happy with the model.

I wish with hindsight that I’d tried harder to remove the kink from his sword just above the hilt, as it’s far more obvious now that the model is painted but is much harder to correct.

As with all of the models in this post, his base is not yet finished. I still need to add some loose rocks and some tufts of dead/scorched grass and because of his status as a ‘character’ I’ll be adding a strip of platicard with his name and rank to his base.

Master of Ordnance
Master of Ordnance

Next us is my Master of Ordnance (currently un-named). I’ve hacked the 0-ring off the vox unit on his back as I think it looks stupid, but added another ariel (the leftmost one) to compensate.

From this distance I’m pleased with the overall effect, but actually of the models in the post it’s the one I’m least satisfied with. I still can’t decide if I want to paint the Aquilla on his breastplate gold, and I still don’t like the colour of his hair. The vox-unit too is a mess of lazy drybrushing and could really do with tidying up.

Obviously, like the commander his base needs finishing still.

Officer of the Fleet
Officer of the Fleet

Next up is the Officer of the Fleet, Vice-Admiral [un-named]. This is one of my favourite models in the unit, and the chance to paint something not green, grey or khaki was too good to miss.I think the blue and white go together very well, and looks especially good on the tabletop with the other units.

I also really like the pose of this model. Because all three advisors and commander have very relaxed poses I’ve tried to model the rest of the squad (pictures to come of course) to match. There’s nothing more annoying to me than squads where half the men are running/firing and the other half are stood still or doing very little.


Finally we have my Astropath (again, un-named). This was the most difficult model to paint of the 4, as I really wanted him/her to look emaciated and ‘otherworldly’. I experimented with green skin, blue skin and even white skin but couldn’t acheive the effect I desired. In the end I opted for yellow, but rather than start with a yellow nase I painted the model in standard fleshtones and then used a yellow glaze to get the tone I wanted. As it happens I’m rather happy with it.

The robes are red to compliment the spot-colour of the rest of the unit. Plus the model is vaguely reminiscent (by which I mean exactly like!) the Emperor from Star Wars, so I wanted to get as far away from that palette of grays and blacks as possible.

Finally here are a few pictures of the models grouped together and shot from a few different angles. I’ll try to get the rest of the unit finished and all the bases complete by the end of the week, please be patient.

DSCN1215 DSCN1216 DSCN1218 DSCN1217