One of the things that has annoyed me about Games Workshop’s Terrain range recently is the lack of rules for the otherwise excellent range of terrain kits. I happen to rather like most of the new kits; the wall of Martyrs for instance is very nice indeed.

Were it not for the £100 price tag and the very ‘Imperial’ aesthetic (an issue that I’m not going to go into in this post*) I’d have probably bought one a long time ago.

Sadly however, because it lacks any official rules the expectation is that it’s just generic terrain (battlefield debris/defences) on the battlefield, this is how it’s been used in the two battle reports that have featured it. Why produce a characterful piece of terrain without any rules to represent that ‘character’ in your battles?

Not one to be downhearted I spent 30 mins with Microsoft Word and here are my results: Rules for fielding the bunker as a fortification in games of 40k (Currently untested). Click the link immediately below to open a PDF, which you can then download.

Imperial Bunker

An Imperial Bunker
An Imperial Bunker: Picture credit

I would like to add a datasheet for the Wall of Martyrs when I get round to it, but for now people will have to make do with this. Let me know what you think.


*by which I mean it annoys me that all of Games Workshop’s terrain assumes you’re fighting over a ruined buisness district on an Imperial world, all of which look exactly the same.