I promised that I’d put up pictures of a completed Company Command Squad on here by Monday. Sadly this hasn’t been possible, but I have spent enough time on them to get them into a state where I’m happy to show them off.

All the models need a little TLC still, the occasional highlight and adjustments to their facial expressions, but other than that I’m happy with the overall effect. Let me know what you think i could do to improve them.

First up we have a shot of the whole unit, from left to right. Here’s what they are, and what they’re modelled to be equipped with (Roughly).

The full Com Squad, complete with Regimental Advisors
The full Command Squad, complete with Regimental Advisors. [Click to Enlarge]

The General:

  • Company Commander. (Power Sword/Laspistol, Krak Grenades (KG))

The Support Staff:

  • Master of Arms. (Veteran with a Lasgun, KG and CCW)
  • Company Champion. (Veteran with Regimental Standard, KG, Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon (CCW))
  • Senior Medic. (Veteran with a Medic’s kit, Laspistol, KG and CCW)
  • Master Vox operator. (Veteran with a Vox-Caster, Laspistol, KG and CCW)

The Regimental Advisors:

  • Astropath. (Veteran with a Laspistol, KG and CCW)
  • Officer of the Fleet. (Veteran with a Laspistol, KG and CCW)
  • Master of Ordnance. (Veteran with a Laspistol, KG and CCW)

That’s approximately 180-200pts in case people were wondering.

So that’s more or less the whole squad done. I’ve still got Creed, two bodyguards and a Nork Deddog model to finish up before this unit is ‘truly’ finished, but as a functional tabletop unit I’m happy with how it looks….

Here’s a view of just the Support Staff:

Support Staff of the 9th Cadian
Support Staff of the 9th Cadian

And here’s a close-up of the banner, sadly only from one side as the other picture quality was poor:

Banner Bearer
Company Champion

I’m still not happy with this as I hate painting banners, especially moulded ones, and so I still feel I need to play about with the lettering and trim on it. The text says “Gloria IXth” on the side you can see, and “Victoria Mortis” on the reverse (in case you couldn’t tell).

I think the Platoon Standard will probably be easier to do, as the colours I’ve chosen are deliberately less vibrant and there’s less scrollwork that I’m obligated to write things on.

As a few final thoughts:

I’ll be finalising this post and marking it complete when the bodyguards and Creed are added, and probably get some better camera shots too in front of a building that’s actually finished. I’ll also have names for the entire squad done as well, rather tyhan simply rank and role.

As a final project to add into the finished post, I’ll be writing some short fiction to give the characters some background. Nothing fancy or involved, just a couple of paragraphs.