So, what’s the Plan?

Call me a fool, but I’m going to do things differently this time around and start off my first project on this blog with the lowest of the low: some basic, foot-slogging Astra Militarum (AM) infantry. Not a tank, nothing interesting like a company command squad, just basic Imperial fodder.

Specifically my first project will be to paint the bulk of, if not the entire, basic Infantry platoon. Why? Partly because I’ve always felt that this should be the core of any AM force, mechanised or not, and to me this unit has always been one of the most distinctive of any of the warhammer 40k units. “How many men are in your squad? 5 Space Marines? But, wait, you can make it 10? Cool. I need to take 25 minimum.”

Yes sure it has limitations, and I think for the points it really struggles to compete with other things even from the same book (*cough* Veterans), but I don’t think you can claim to be a veteran Imperial Guard player unless you’ve painted a platoon and paid the tax in effort.

{Edit, I don’t think you can claim to be a veteran guard player until you’ve painted said platoon and then seen it die horribly and pathetically in the first turn, or run away after a single turn’s casualties, but that’s another issue}

Enough waffling! Describe them.

I’ve decide to move away from the Green/Brown/Red scheme I’d chosen before and have gone for something fairly bonkers.

They’re Yellow.

Yup, yellow, like wannabee Imperial Fists. There are good reasons for this, but I’m not going to overdo the first post in 3 years with that information.

Here’s an image of my initial test model, admittedly not quite finished, but you can see the general idea:


At a glance

  • The armour panels, shoulder guards, weapon cowling and helmet are all yellow, the main cloth uniform is grey, as I’m sure is obvious to everyone. Technically it’s Iyanden Darksun and Admech Grey, just fyi.
  • The bulk of the accessories, such as belts, pouches and backpack gear are all dark brown, but sometimes two-tone with a lighter brown too.
  • Boots are dark brown, the water bottle is green and the Aquila details are silver  or gold, but I’ll probably vary that up a bit between models and units.
  • The bases are made of cork matting, and will become city-fight themed eventually, but like this they are at the most basic, I’ll do all the bases at once.

This model specifically is the Sergeant from 1st Squad, he’s armed with a las-pistol and a Power Axe. Chop chop.

Also, all of the models have additional backpacks and pouches, to make them look a bit more ‘prepared’ for action.I think the extra bulk really adds something.

Infantry Back

What’s in the rest of the platoon?

The short answer is “quite a lot”, and I really want to be able to field a ‘full’ platoon eventually, all 55 men and accompanying Heavy Weapons Teams/Specialists (but excluding conscripts)

For now at least the target for this platoon is 35 men: a command squad and 3 infantry squads.

I’d also like to do the support officers, in the form of a priest and a commissar, but they can wait.


Here’s the rest of the infantry, built and undercoated as 3x 10-man squads. Each squad has a sergeant with a las-pistol and power axe, as well as a grenade launcher (cheap!) and a vox-caster.

Platoon Sergeants

As you can see, first squad have the bulk colours done.

Aren’t you missing something?

This is my platoon command squad, having just had the base colours and first wash done, just as with 1st Squad in the image above.


From left to right we have the medic, the platoon officer/commander, a platoon standard, a vox-caster and a veteran with a bolt pistol (for no good reason, so i might swap it out for a laspistol). Specifically;

  • The officer has a cane as his weapon and a simple laspistol, which can be used as whatever weapon I like. he’s cheap and not expected to fight or survive anything. He’s also got another colour to mark him out, in this case a deep red on his upper half. It makes him look a little like he’s dressed in the retro McDonalds colours, but it should be ok when it’s got a bit more depth.
  • Like the commander, the medic has a different colour uniform, in this case a white upper.

Usually they’re fielded in their most basic configuration, with only the vox-caster being upgraded, keeping the whole squad at a healthy 40 points and armed with laspitols and CCWs.


That’s enough for now, I’ll post an update when I’ve finished the command squad.