Ok Ok, I know I’m easily distracted but I will paint those 40k models for Fluffageddon eventually, I have been working on them I promise.

So, in other news I played (rather than observed) my first halfway-decent game of Bolt Action last week and I really enjoyed it. Now I’ve dipped my toes in the water and started a collection.

I mean, I’ve been a fan of the game system/mechanic for a while and I considered picking some of the models up a couple of years ago, but the models themselves have never really jumped out at me or been the incentive to make me start collecting them in the way GW’s models often do. This time however the game was over 2000pts a side, which for bolt action is huge (and to be honest, a little unwieldy) but as almost all of it was painted it gave me a really good look at the range and variety of forces and models.

Ultimately then I realized that my reservations about them had been unfounded; the miniatures look great en-masse and they don’t seem too repetitive either. Each force looks fairly distinct.

So why did I choose the Fallschirmjager?

Well, between all my of my regular gaming friends all the ‘major’ powers have been covered already. This left me with the freedom to essentially choose whatever I wanted rather than feeling obligated to pick from what hadn’t already been taken.

Armed with this freedom I went down to my local store and looked through about 50 blister packs and even more box sets (they have a really good stock) over about half an hour, simply chose the models I liked the look of most and bought a squad of them.

In a little over a week they’ve been assembled, trimmed, base-coated and painted, and I’m really happy with the overall result.

Here they are:

The whole unit of 10 men.
A slightly closer shot of the Panzerfaust with the LMG team in the background.
An Automatic Rifle (Centre) and two Rifles (behind). The NCO armed with a rifle is on the right, marked out by his hat and facial hair.
The two SMG-armed troopers (leftmost and 3rd-from-left throwing a grenade) and a second Automatic Rifle (2nd-from-left)

I’m really happy with the way these look, particularly because of how easy they were to get looking like this, I only wish my other models were so easy.

I used the citadel paints to approximate an ‘authentic’ colour scheme, or the closest I could get without buying more; the bulk of the pallet used is:

  • Uniform & Helmets: Castellan Green Base, highlighted with Warboss Green and Straken Green respectively. The Blue triangles are Macragge Blue, highlighted with Hoeth Blue and two small dashes of Pallid Wych Flesh. The whole lot is then washed once with a watered-down layer of Agrax Earthshade, followed by a neat wash of Agrax Earthshade into the folds.
  • Trousers: Very simply it’s Mechanicus Standard Grey base and Dawnstone highlight followed by the same washes as the upper uniform.
  • Weaponry: Leadbelcher Base, a Nuln Oil wash, Leadbelcher highlight and a second wash of watered down Agrax Earthshade.
  • Skin: Bugmans Glow base, a wash of Reikland Fleshshade and a highlight of Cadian Fleshtone.
  • Backpacks, boots, stocks and strapping (Brown bits). I alternated between three colours of base; Scorched brown, Dryad bark and Steel legion Drab, which then were washed with various shades and highlighted with a mixed version of all of the above.

Which is about half of what I’d normally use to paint a 40k squad of similar size. I may yet add some weathering to these, but I’m going for speed rather than quality here.

  • Bases. I built up the bases using some 2mm and 3mm cork matting, which I then glued sand to. The model was secured to this prior to undercoating. Once sprayed the base was painted in deliberately patchy Doombull Brown and highlighted with Terminatus Stone. The whole thing gets a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade (the best paint ever!) and then some static grass.

The next models to do are an MG42 (A medium machine gun team) and a mortar.