Over the weekend I’ve managed to get both my Fallschirmjager infantry support teams completed (or very nearly at least, the base edges need doing again).

I really enjoyed painting these, a bit more than the squad itself if I’m honest, because the models are nice and dynamic.

MMG left, Medium Mortar Right


I think I prefer the MMG team if I had to choose a favourite, as it’s rare in any of the other game systems I’ve played to have figures posed as ‘seated’ or ‘prone’. The GW weapons teams for example only have two poses, and neither feels especially ‘realistic’. The whole squad of three in this case has a really low profile that it makes it blend really satisfyingly with the heavily textured base, and from certain angles does make them appear hidden.

The Mortar team

While I’m not as much enamored with these as I am with the MMG team, I still think this is a really cool unit. The base is a bit more heavily built-up on these guys because everyone is stood up, but I don’t think it’s built up too much.

Of the two, this is also the model I’m least satisfied with in terms of paint quality. I cannot seem to get the hair of the helmet-less infantryman right, nor the mortar itself. Of the two, this is the unit I may have to go back to and ‘touch up’ when I’ve got more of the force completed, but for now it’s good enough.

The next things on my desk to do are the HQ units (An officer +2, a spotter and a medic) and a PAK40 anti-tank gun.