I found some time to get the paintbrushes out again this week, only to immediately get distracted. I still ended up painting Bolt Action miniatures, so there’s that, but I should be painting my Fallschirmjager HQ and was planning to until these arrived.

I’m so fickle.

Regardless, painted models are painted models and these are the [German High Command] set. I’ll probably be using them as a Senior Officer + assists in 1500pts+ games only. A link to the kit is here, if you want to see what they should look like: German High Command

Just by way of a quick review, I think these models form a really characterful little scene and they’ve got some of better detailing on the Warlord Games metal kits that I’ve seen. The guy in the trench-coat is a tad plain, but let’s be clear, he’s just extra wounds for the Captain/Major.

The table with map and pistol is a great touch, and scales well with the men.

Anyway, pictures:

View from the front, you can see that the ranking officer is slightly higher than the others.

A view from behind, showing the ammo/equipment stash and a view from slightly above.

Positioning on the base
Details on the table. The helmet is a plastic addition from the Grenadiers box, as are the Assault Rifles in the foreground and the Panzerfaust in the center.

I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more time next week to do another squad, which will either be a second unit of FSJ or some Waffen SS.

Paint Scheme wise,

  • The Uniform on these are Steel Legion Drab> Tallarn Sand> Karak Stone with a 50/50 wash of Earthshade/Green wash. The Buttons and Epaulets are either Leadbelcher or Retributor Gold
  • The Greatcoat and trousers are Admech Grey> Dawnstone> Space Wolf Grey with a wash of Earthshade
  • The Skin is Bugmans Glow> Cadian Fleshtone> Kislev Flesh with a watered down Fleshshade
  • Leather and strapping is Scorched brown> Doombull brown and 2x Earthshade washes.

Thanks for Browsing,