So this is my first attempt at a semi-realistic paint scheme for Bolt Action vehicles. I don’t plan on having many vehicles, and keeping my German forces late-war themed so I felt I could experiment a bit more.

Specifically the kit is one of the 1/48 scale Tamiya range, which I think suits the ‘heroic scale’ minis of bolt action better than the 1/56 scale, but this is much debated online and generally no one objects so long as it’s consistent in your force.


Slightly heavier weathering on the rear. Still not 100% happy with this.
Light levels not so great here. Happy with the tracks though.

I’ve painted plenty of 40k vehicles in the last two decades, but these are very different. To start with the details are more subtle and there’s more of them, the features are less defined and there are fewer sharp edges that lend themselves to dry-brushing (case in point, Eldar tanks are much harder to paint well than Space Marine tanks) so the whole thing was a lot trickier than I’m used to.

In short I’ve tried to do this using filters and washes. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but I quite like the ‘plainness’ of it.

I need to do some sort of squadron and/or kill markings.