I managed to find a little time yesterday evening and this afternoon to very quickly blast out some more of my Dwarf team, putting my completed model count at 6 and a healthy way into the little side-project.

Once again, sorry for the Phone-quality images, I’ll get some batteries for the good camera on Monday.

I’ve put the Blitzers on some cork matting, giving them an extra 3mm of height and so making them look distinct from the linesmen (they’re fairly similar). They’re essentially done though, apart from markings which I’ll do last of all.
Slightly blurry runners. I only ever take one in my team, but it’s handy to have a spare. The red/yellow colour combo makes them look a bit like retro-McDonald’s, but it;s a great contrast and really makes them stand out.
I also finished the base of the Deathroller today, just so it was kept consistent.The bases are literally one colour, with white lines and some static grass. Easy-peasy. 

Given that I spent only 3 hours or so on all 5 models (not including waiting for washes to dry), I’m actually really happy with them. I may go back and neaten up or add detail once all the models are done to this standard, but the point of this exercise was that I wanted paint on them ASAP, so that they’d be ready for the new release later this year.

I arbitrarily decided to do the Blitzers and Runners first. They’ll be followed by the Slayers (x3) later tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully this will lead me to taking on all 11 Linesmen in one go at some point this week, leaving me with only the “reward” of three star players and a couple of extra bits to complete the job.

The to-do list is getting shorter.

  • Deathroller
  • 3x Blitzers
  • 2x Runners
  • 3x Troll Slayers
  • 11x Linesmen
  • 3x Star Players (I have one of each)
  • Refereee
  • 2x Cheerleaders
  • Coach

As you can tell, my dwarf team is actually pretty big, but this is because I bought it when I worked for the company at 50% discount.