I love Slayers, so I’m really sad that right now I can’t afford the time to lavish a better paint job on them. That said I’m not unhappy with the current level, they just feel a bit, I don’t know, plain?

I think part of the problem is that I’ve not achieved enough of a contrast between the skin and hair?. I think when I add more detail I’ll add more highlights to the facial hair and that should make the difference.

Specifically I really want to add some tattoos (probably in blue, Celtic woad style), paint some of the individual gemstones on the their knuckle-dusters and do their eyes properly. Right now though the plan/aim was to get the team tabletop-ready ASAP and so the details can wait.

As a major aside, while I love the models (both in Blood Bowl and Fantasy) they’re not actually that great in the game (at least in my opinion). One is usually enough, and even then I tend to find that Blitzers perform with far greater synergy and effectiveness.They rarely make the starting line-up.

Sure Slayers get Mighty Blow and a bunch of other cool abilities, but their weak (read: non existent) armour means they tend to be the weak point in the otherwise armoured testudo that is the dwarf team. It’s always the slayer that gets singled out for punishment.

While the Slayers were drying between washes I found the time to do the referee too. Again, he’s not really the best of paint jobs, but I think it only took me only around 45 minutes to complete the model to this level and while he’s not strictly a necessary model to own or use for playing blood bowl, he’s one of those models that just adds character and life to the team.

How big is his head, I mean seriously, it’s bigger than his torso!

Next up, Linesmen!