[Warning, this post is Picture-heavy]


I finally added the last couple of details to my Imperial Knight yesterday, and while I’m still fussing over some of it, I’m really happy with the overall effect and so feel I can call it ‘done’.

I won’t seal it with varnish yet, as I have other things I’d like to add or change in future, but I’ll gladly take it to the tabletop and place some pictures of it here.

Briefly in terms of painting I must have done most of the work within the first month or so of owning it (I bought the model on its release day, nearly two years ago), but then I lost a shoulder pad and, unwilling to finish the paint job until I found it again, the model has sat in it’s near-complete state on my shelf ever since, having taken to the battlefield less than 5 times. However the shoulder pad turned up recently and I’ve been meaning to finish the knight ever since.

Anyway, pictures and commentary.

So, this is the Errant-pattern knight. I know that technically the Battle-Cannon toting Paladin is better, but I preferred the aesthetic of this configuration.
“Victus” is just a placeholder name until I come up with something better, or the model earns it by doing something impressive/destructive in a battle (other than exploding, which is what it’s best at).
The whole kit dissembles into bits, so I actually needed to paint the detail you wouldn’t normally see, such as the shoulder mechanisms. It makes me feel better knowing I bothered, but it is time-consuming.
I really wanted to make the paneling look like brushed metal, which turned out really well on some of the lower panels, especially the crotch-plate.
The rear is admittedly fairly plain (one of the areas I may return to) but I like the yellow/black hatchings on the chainsword arm and may replicate that elsewhere if I have the chance. Similarly the reactor core is crying out for a “glow”.
Another of the parts I’m really pleased with; the weathering and ‘heatwash’ effects on the melta barrels. It’s hard to tell here, but the washes blend from black to blue to yellow really nicely and this was my first time trying it.
Here’s a better image of the top carapace and shoulder pads. The golden icon (front and centre) is the sarcophagus of a Venerable dreadnought which i added to form some raised detail.
Another of the parts I may come back to, the tilting plate. Again the centre part is scrounged from the dreadnought kit. I feel like it needs some text and the purity seals need an extra highlight.

I think that’s probably enough images for now.

In summary then, this is an awesome kit, buy my god is it a lot of work! Unlike the big tanks it’s not as forgiving with a drybrush and so is more demanding to layer up. Specifically there are lots of large, curved spaces that feel empty unless you weather or pattern them and I tried more than once to get the effect I wanted.

One of the things I haven’t got a photo of is the base. At the moment it’s just a really simple combo of cork matting, gravel and flock, but I think it’s about right. Normally I’m all for extravagant bases, but in this case the model itself is so nuts the base doesn’t need to compensate for anything.

I’m also considering getting the missile pod for the top, but that can wait.

In the meantime, thoughts welcome.