Very simple post today, just a couple of images of a squad I finished this week.

These are my German Combat Engineers and they’re not amazing, but rather the result of an attempt to paint a whole squad in a single sitting. Short version, I didn’t quite manage it, but did it over two sittings instead for a total of about 5 hours work.

The color scheme is incredibly simple:

Mechanicus Standard Base.

  • Grey uniform is just a wash of Earthshade over the base, and then a new layer of Mech Standard.
  • Green uniform is Castellan green base, a Bie-tan green wash, a layer of Castellan green and a highlight of Warboss green.
  • All metals are Leadbelcher with two washes, one of Earthshade and another of Nuln Oil.
  • All brown leather and strapping is a combination of Rhinox Hide and Doombull brown.
  • Skin is Bugman’s Glow with a wash.
  • The goggles are just Caledor Sky.

As I said, incredibly simple. Sorry that the camera flash has made the colours insanely bright and garish, they don’t look like that under regular light.

The best thing about flamethrowers: they can go in a squad and are therefore harder to remove.
How many SMGs are too many? I’ve taken the maximum of 6, and equipped the entire unit with them.
A model I like, with no in-game benefit at all. It may look like a metal detector, but it’s really an SMG. Honest

I’ll try to paint something better and more substantial for the next post, as these feel like an underachievement.

They’re painted, they’re tabletop ready and that’s good enough for me.