This post is simply a summary of the STORY content in the new Fall of Cadia book/supplement from Games Workshop, reduced to a series of bullet points for easy digestion.

I’m aware that it’s been well over a month since I last posted anything, and to be frank this is just a copy-paste of something I wrote for my gaming group’s Facebook page yesterday, but I’ve had a really mad Christmas and New Year so I hope people will forgive me. More ‘Hobby’ will come.


(Spoilers start here)

I bought the new book primarily so I’d have something to read while waiting around in hospital and recovering from an operation yesterday afternoon. I read it in about an hour and a half (subject to heavy medication) so it’s a decent length at least, and a good quality book with some nice new art.

In brutal summary though, it’s not really worth spending your money on, because for £30 it’s merely the rules for three new characters and two thematic, but ultimately unwieldy, formations. If you don’t care about the background, there are maybe 15 pages of interest if you include the new missions and the randomised warp/flux chart.

The purpose of this post however is to let you know what you’re missing in terms of said story content. It’s true that this book does “move the story on” as people are saying, but contrary to what people were expecting it’s not ‘end-times’ level, at least not yet. In the grand scheme of 40k, apart from the loss of 1 semi-important planet, a few characters and couple of companies of marines, very little has changed.

Here goes…

1. The Mechanicum discover that the ‘Pylons’ all over Cadia and it’s sister planets (remember those, they were never suspicious?) are actually Necron in origin, and their job is hold back the warp, not just around Cadia, but the entire galaxy. Trazyn the Infinite arrives (primarily to give exposition and provide what I think is meant to be comic relief), and helps the new Mech character control them, at least a little. They don’t like each other much.

2. The main plot-line runs that Abaddon’s 13th Crusade wasn’t actually over, it was barely the start. Abaddon’s aim was never the Cadian system as a military victory, despite all evidence to the contrary, but rather the destruction of said Pylons. He’s been systematically breaking them over the last 12 crusades without anyone on the imperial side realizing, and just has the final few to go on Cadia itself.

3. While Abaddon is planning this, the Phalanx, the IF space-fortress, gets attacked and badly mauled by the Iron Warriors and Deamonic allies somewhere near Terra (to tie in with Graham McNeil’s Ultramarines books). The ship survives, with heavy damage, and flees/rushes to Cadia, where it pretty much immediately duels a Blackstone fortress, crippling it but somehow surviving that too. Almost all the Imperial Fists on board die (awww). This entire arc is irrelevant to the rest of the battle so far as I can tell, as everything that happens to (and on) the planet would have happened anyway. The destruction of the BF’s primary planet-killer weapons doesn’t really matter in the end, but we’ll come to that.

There are some bits with the Legion of the Damned in there, arriving to save the day from some greater daemons, but only so they can be in the formation.

4. There is then a massive battle on Cadia, go figure. Abaddon predictably kills everything he sees, weather it’s Marines (mainly Imperial Fists and Black Templars, but a few Space Wolves and dark Angels too), Imperial Guardsmen, AdMech or Sisters. There are some knights and a couple of titans too, but they’re all bit-parts.

Kell dies (saving Creed) and Celestine turns up in full-on ‘Jesus-mode’, but almost dies, almost kills Abaddon and yet doesn’t really do either…

There are also Wulfen on Cadia for…reasons, and there’s a really silly section where Trazyn (remember him?) opens up a Tesseract Vault he’s owned since the Horus Heresy and 40k Abaddon fights with a company of 30k Ultramarines, 30k Contemptors and a Custodian (just don’t even go there, I’m serious, it’s ridiculous!).

Oh, and that’s where the Inquisitor character is from, she’s a super-b**chy mind-slave of Trazyn’s and by far the most annoying character in the book. there’s a wired lesbian thing going on too when she threatens to scourge Celestine with whips  (or something) and Celestine winks/smile at her. Maybe that bit is in my head….

6. Cadia eventually falls/explodes (the clue was in the title) when Abaddon decides he’s had enough and kamikazes the remains of the Blackstone fortress into it. The pylon network breaks, the warp spreads it’s influence and Cadia then becomes a daemon world, again, for reasons…….. Creed fails to escape*.

7. The survivors, of which there are not many, try to escape the dead system (with the Phalanx, which somehow still has crew?), but fail as they are chased by the entire 13th Black Crusade, and end up crashed on an ice world somewhere near Cadia.

Right when they’re all about to die they are saved by the SUPER FRIENDS! (Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins) and flee into the webway together, which is where everything ends.

8. There are some orcs in there, somewhere, but they’re not important…. I think GW was trying to set them up for something, but it’s badly done and I have no idea what it was….

9. No Tau, or Nids, but every other Major faction gets a look-in.

10. (A slight rant) Some of the Physics in this book really got to me. There’s a short passage in the book when Abaddon’s flagship stops firing it’s prow Lance weaponry so the “recoil doesn’t slow the ship down while it’s in pursuit”. Recoil? In space? Come on guys. Aren’t lances laser weaponry anyway? I.e, recoil-less by design?


That about covers it.

Post is subject to Corrections.


*ascends to deamonhood! Only kidding