A simple post today, just to get me back into the habit of regular postings. This is my Leman Russ Tank Commander in a converted Exterminator.

Obviously it’s a work in progress right now, as there’s still quite a bit to do, but the general idea should be clear.

In short: most of the work on the turret and commander is now complete, save for skin and some kill markings, but the rest of the vehicle is essentially just bases and washes with the hard work left to do, particularly the yellow. I’m going to add some webbing on the barrels as well, mainly to disguise the mold lines, but I’ll probably do that last.

The commander model is the ubiquitous Knight-Commander Pask. I bet he’s not used to this colour of uniform…..

Just two more images today.

Starting to add some depth, but everything needs dirtying up a bit more.

It needs some more stowage, and I’m thinking of adding in some trench rails, but you can see the effect I’ve gone for on the main grey colour with this shot.

Why an Exterminator?

I personally believe that the Exterminator is the best all round ‘tank’* in the current AM codex (possibly tied with the standard ‘Battle Tank’ variant). With the hull-mounted Lascannon and sponson Heavy Bolters it can hurt anything pretty reliably, even flyers, and at 160pts in this configuration it’s cheaper even than a standard Demolisher and much more effective against anything that’s not a Space Marine.


*excluding artillery