I’ve very nearly finished this model now. All that’s left is the application of some mud and grit around the tracks and exhausts, and perhaps some more washes on the ‘brighter’ armour panels. I’m still not convinced the balance-of-colour is quite right, but then that’s my fault for choosing this palette.

The only aspect I’m still generally unhappy with is the front dozor blade, which I think may need attacking more significantly with weathering effects. I’ll do that once I’ve got the second tank up to this level, so it’s less wasteful of the paints.

Hmm, the piercing eyes look a little manic in this photograph, but then that’s probably to be forgiven, he’ll have seen some serious s**t in his career. Or it’s the lighting….

The photo was taken when the rust effect and wash were not yet dry, but this was my favourite shot, so it stays.


Two self-explanatory shots. As I said in my previous post about this model, the intent is to add stowage to the currently rather plain rear, and the weathering effects should deal with the garishness of the yellow ‘box’.

Tank markings. The command squadron will have a Red stripe on a yellow field, with a gold crown painted in the centre (I’ve decided that while I’m typing this, so I’ll do it soonish)

As I’ve said, I’m pretty happy with this so far. I’m hoping to complete it’s sister tank before the end of the week, but right now my 5 year old is playing with it….