Somehow despite being absolutely demolished, repeatedly, in our Bolt Action league, I was persuaded to sign up for a tournament this March. When I agreed to this last year it felt like a very long time away, but now it’s sneaking up on me and I’ve painted very little.

Time to get moving.

*The tournament in question is called “A CamBridge too far”, run by a gaming community called 2D6lodge. Their website, and the tournament page, can be found on this link. I have to say, it looks pretty interesting.

A CamBridge too far ’17

The tournament is 1000pts, with three games spread over the day and sounds like it might be reasonably competitive, by which I mean there’s a small chance I might get crushed by some mountain dew-swilling power-gamer with army of parachute Ghurkas or Japanese Cavalry, but most people are probably just regular gamers with regular armies.

Even the more competition-orientated members of our group are unlikely to bring complete filth.

Your typical historical power-gamer

The list I’m thinking of taking is nice and simple; small enough to be paintable in a little over a month (at decent pace) but well-rounded enough to put up a decent fight against most list constructions. It’s perhaps a little slow and lacks mobility, but a flamethrower team in a Kubelwagon should keep the faster, ‘rushing’ style armies honest for fear of being burned.

1000pts of German Heer Infantry & Armour. The empty base on the left is shortly to become a sniper team, the only models I’ve not yet built. Apologies for the blur, tablet quality.

The list breakdown looks like this:


  • Oberleutnant (Regular) with Pistol
    • Regular Soldier with Assault Rifle
    • Regular Soldier with Assault Rifle


  • Heer Grenadier Squad #1
    • 2x Panzerfausts
    • NCO with an SMG
    • Soldier with an LMG
    • 6x Regular Soldiers
  • Heer Grenadier Squad #2
    • 2x Panzerfausts
    • NCO with an SMG
    • Soldier with an LMG
    • 6x Regular Soldiers
  • Heer Veteran Grenadier Squad
    • Veteran NCO with an Assault Rifle
    • 2x Veterans with LMGs
    • 2x Veterans

Infantry Support

  • Regular Flamethrower Team
  • Regular MMG Team
  • Regular Sniper Team

Tanks & Transports

  • Regular Tiger Tank
  • Kubelwagon

This comes to a grand total of 997/1000pts, spread across 9 order dice, which actaully isn’t too bad considering that 40% of my points allocation is taken up by the Tiger.

2x 8-man Grenadier squads with LMGs (front/middle) and a 6-man Veteran squad with 2 LMGs (back). Each unit has more than 2 Panzerfausts modeled on it.

I think it’s pretty clear what can be seen here, including the near-complete Tiger. The empty base is to become a sniper team, and the Kublewagon will probably loose it’s base before the end.

I might post up some practice games if I remember to take my camera to Juggers next week.