Very quick post today, mainly because I managed to paint an entire model in a single sitting and so have something unexpectedly finished.

Here’s another shot from behind. I’ve gone for a slightly ‘grimey’ and worn feel to the metal, all bronzes and dark tones, but tried to keep the bodysuit and mask clean and crisp. Perhaps the highlights are a little overdone in the grey, but I’m generally pleased with him.

I have no idea what’s going on with the paint on his bum, it could just be dust that has subsequently brushed off, but it isn’t noticeable other than in this photo.

This is the first of two assassins that will probably form part of my Astra Militarum throughout 8th Edition*, but will certainly be active in the Auctoran Campaign this summer.

*One of the great disadvantages of the Astra list was always that it has never been very good at dealing with characters (other than Ratlings), but with the keyword mechanic under 8th you can now bring in basically anything you like, within reason, and Assassins -by definition- fulfill that role excellently.