Saint Celestine is back with a Vengeance!

Truth be told these are figures I painted a while ago but haven’t got round to posting about. I actually bought this set, Gathering Storm (1), on it’s day of release and unusually had painted these models within a couple of days. My thinking was that Celestine would be the future leader and/or glue of my Guardsmen force, as I was considering fielding them as a combined Ministorum/Militarum army. [An idea based on some of the 8th ed rumour-mill about GW possibly reducing the number of factions and so allowing combinations]

While this rumour turned out to be true the Ministorum/Militarum idea has been put to one side for now, in favour of Inquisition/Militarum, so she’s not actually seen the battlefield at all yet. There’s a lot of irony here, given my consistency, or lack thereof, for gaming with unpainted stuff.

I’m sure Celestine appreciates the irony….

Anyway, regardless of my fickleness they are great models and were genuinely enjoyable to paint, what with them being very different from Cadians and all. I’ll admit they are fiddly due to their dynamic poses, and not very robust (they have a tendency to wobble) which makes for difficult highlighting in particular, but I kept the overall scheme pretty close to the original, if a little simpler, and they’ve come out without any major mistakes.

Anyway, here are some models/comments.

This gives you quite a good idea for the relative heights. A space marine could quite happily stand on Celestine’s base and not quite touch her feet.
A closer shot of the saint herself. I painted the wings a flat silver in the end, as I was really struggling to get a good finish on them with white. The doves too are a source of irritation, but in the end I achieved a decent effect with blue glaze and a lot of patience.
Bodyguard 1. She’s got some string/fluff on her that shouldn’t be there, and seeing her this close makes me want to fix the sword-blade (which is a bit dull) but otherwise this is my favourite bodyguard.
A slightly blurry Bodyguard 2. This model was not designed with foam figure trays in mind, she takes up more space than a Terminator.
The unit from reverse. There is a dark splodge on the tabard of the left Bodygaurd that i need to go fix, but I like this shot a lot.

All done then. I know I say this a lot but I’m very happy with these models and they will see battle in the not-to-distant-future (where, thanks to ‘new model syndrome’, they will perform terribly and get me killed).

I might yet go back and add more detail to the faces, which are looking quite flat in these shots, and I’m also thinking of adding flowers or some sort of extra feature (maybe Ivy?) to their bases, but that’s for another time.

A few final comments on painting gold. My process is a bit laborious, but the effect is worth it.

  • Basecoat colour for the whole model was Mechanicus Standard Grey.
  • Gold base colour was Retributor Armour
  • First heavy wash was, you guessed it, Agrax Earthshade.
  • Followed by a thinned-out layer of Retributor Armour
  • Followed by a highlight of Liberator Gold
  • Followed by a watered down wash (50/50 mix) of Purple and Red washes
  • Final Highlight in Runefang Steel