These are a unit that I’ve wanted for some time, but resisted owning.There are a couple of reasons, the primary ones being;

  1. I never liked the old (metal), or really old (heavier metal) Ogryn models, and….
  2. The unit never felt viable enough for me to justify the conversions out of plastic Ogres. Some people did this really well (just google it), and I toyed with the idea of imitating them, but never felt confident in my skills as a converter and the rules incentive simply wasn’t there.

Now, with 8th in full swing, they are suddenly not just viable, but positively potent! Call me weak and easily swayed all you like, but suddenly Bullgryns are better than terminators, and for only nominally more points. Give them a Priest and they could even transcend to ‘lethal’.

But, given my restraint over previous modelling options, I didn’t feel I could justify simply building the unit ‘out-of-the-box’, and felt I should treat them more elaborately. The Auctorian Campaign, currently in week 3, had given me a good excuse to buy more models, and my Inquisitor/Warlord for the campaign was lacking a unique and characterful bodyguard.

Hence these: my Inquisitorial Bullgryns.

I am not a confident converter, and so decided to start simple. I’ve been inspired by two blogs in particular to do more conversions, but mostly by a guy called Wudugast over at Convert or Die  and another Cadian blogger (who did some magnetized Ogryns/ Bullgryns) called Cadian Shock.

I set myself 5 guidelines.

  • Each model needed to be unique/characterful, or fulfill a different ‘role’ in the unit, even if in game terms they were all identically equipped.

I decided to model the unit after a command squad/ honour guard unit, the sort that Space Marines heroes used to have, complete with Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Champion etc.

  • The mauls had to be replaced with different weapons.

I took ages deciding what to change, but in the end went for spears, as halberds were proving difficult to scale without needing to scratch-build.

  • They needed heavier Armour

Now that Bullgryns get a 2+ save and join the ‘terminator club’, they should look like it. I felt the regular Bullgryns weren’t armoured enough, and resolved to fix it. I toyed with armoure ogre heads from ebay, but instead bastardised the excess shoulder pads and used bits (strangely) from the Grey Knights kits.

  • They should  look ‘inquisitorial’, or at least, be identifiable as not-your-regular-auxillia unit.

See above, the principle parts that were added in from other models were Grey Knight titling plates (is that what they’re called?) and some FW brass etch.

  • The shields needed to be magnetsied, for easy swapping.

This is what I came up with:

This is ‘Doc’, with his homemade ‘narfeeseeum’ unit (a mangled ripper gun). The apothecary equipment came from an old Honour guard unit. He’ll be painted mostly white, and probably have lots of blood flecking him.
‘Shouty’. This is my favourite head on the new sprues, so I crafted a microphone unit out of greenstuff and barbed wire, and salvaged the Vox array from a Leman Russ, combining them together and fixing them to the armour plates.
This is the ‘Champion’ (as yet unnamed). He’s got some extra armour plates and his weapon comes from the Ork Deff Dread.
These are the two ‘standard’ Bullgryns. One of them has an Axe embedded in the slabshield,(hiding some damage to it) and hopefully some heavier weathering should hide the slightly lazy greenstuff.
The squad viewed from behind, with the Bullgryn Shields/Bucklers (that I really dislike) mounted to their backplates.

For some reason I’ve not taken a separate photo of the Standard bearer, probably because he’s the model I’m least happy with. You can at least see him in the header image and the one immediately above this.

Here’s a slightly better image of ‘shouty’, where you can see the extra armour and tilt plate clearly without the slabshield, as well as his mic
here you can hiopefully see how the helmets were made, a cut down shoulder pad, secured to the armour via green stuff ‘fur trim’.

In order to get the positioning right on the helmets there is a small strip of elastic band between the top of each Bullgryn’s head and the helmet.

I’ll be painting them soonish.