With all the pressure following the release of 8th Ed, I’ve really been taken with the idea of a small force of Primaris Marines.

I won’t allow myself to acquire a significant number of new models until I’ve finished a more substantial amount of my IG/AM, but I thought I could justify one model, partly to see what they’re like to paint and partly to enjoy and experiment with colours and schemes that don’t normally form part of the Guardsman Palette.

I chose the Librarian for two (very weak) reasons.

  • I slightly preferred the Librarian model to the Captain one.
  • The Chaplain and Apothecary are not released yet.

Here he is, in all his half-pink, half-silver glory:

The base is from a company called Scibor miniatures, I have a few of these bases lying around with the intent of having Custodians on them, but that’ll make way for Primaris Characters if I get any more.
The Force Sword wasn’t complete when i took this image, but it is now. I kept the blue as simple as possible, but I wish I tidied up that robe seam a little better.
Another good shot of the pink armour, you can also see the golden eyes of the decapitated statue.

I really enjoyed painting this. The model itself is great, and was not without challenge (there are some tricky bits). I rarely, if ever paint with pink though and this was a great chance to move away from my comfort zone.